Wednesday 1 November 2017

Apologies in Advance....

I've pondered a lot about whether or not to write this post as it all feels a bit Boasty McBoast Face, and I'm a bit British about not showing off in any way, so I'm really sorry about this one...

....but I'm just SO EXCITED, because I just got my FIRST EVER Amazon Review and I just HAD TO TELL SOMEONE.

My book isn't out until December 28th, but Amazon have this network of approved reviewers called 'The Vine', and they were sent advance copies.

One of their (apparently completely unbiased - I checked!) reviewers then posted this one:

This book is at once immensely serious, very funny and extremely well-written, describing the struggles of a mother of 3 young children as she tries to give up a serious alcohol habit.

What I really enjoyed was the disarming honesty, in all aspects of life - not just the fight to stay on the wagon. Clare writes about marriage, parenthood, friendships and everyday life in a way that cracked me up. 

However, her descriptions of hangovers, drunkenness and the cravings she experiences as she tries to kick the habit are sometimes truly heart-rending. You really feel for her, even though the alcoholism is ultimately a problem of her own making.

Clare is a likeable guide through the travails of ethanol withdrawal. She spurns the usual routes like Alcoholics Anonymous, for reasons that she explains with great lucidity, but doesn't uncover a magic bullet in their place. You read on, constantly wondering if she is going to keep her resolve (although, like a 'whodunnit', you could skip to the end to check, of course!).

In conclusion, then, this is rather different to some "mis lit" addiction stories, in that the narrator is a genuinely grounded, likeable individual. You warm to them, and that makes your involvement in their struggle to stay off the booze all the more compelling.

And he gave me FIVE STARS (out of 5).

I was so excited that I told the children while I was getting breakfast ready.

"Wow," said #1, "now if it all goes wrong, you'll know that at least one person really liked your book." 

Back down to earth with a bump, as always.

(If you'd like to pre-order a copy of the book click here).

In other news, if you haven't seen it already, check out the world's most sexy teetotal men on my Facebook page, it'll make your day...

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Have a great day everyone, and apologies again for the boasting. Please forgive me. I will try not to do it again.

SM x


  1. Yayyyyy!!! How exciting! And what a fantastic review!! Absolutely no surprise to those who read your blog though, every word he’s written is spot on. Congratulations! Order more flowers and book yourself a celebratory facial/ massage immediately!! xx

  2. And it’s not’s sharing!! Please share away! xx

  3. How brilliant!! As Catherine above says: Treat yourself to something lovely! I can't wait to buy your book when it's out!

  4. I have a very successful and accomplished friend who has made a reputable name for herself in her business world and to quote her "NEVER apologise for your accomplishments" Especially as a woman where we tend to hide behind our success. I can't recall ever hearing a man apologise in advance of boasting. OWN IT Clare!!
    Your next book can be called 'The further adventures of Boasty McBoastface Sober Woman Warrior'

  5. Claire,
    I’m certain you’ll have more 5***** reviews then you’ll know what to do with!
    Your book will be brilliant- can’t wait to read it.
    All the best to you at this exciting time in your life! You inspire me every damn day!
    xx nyc gal

  6. OOOh, you're GENUINELY GROUNDED AND LIKABLE. Of course! Good for you, very exciting and no need for apologies. You worked long and hard on this book, AND you kept up your blog (and presumably your household, yes??) and you deserve the kudos.

  7. Never apologise. I would never have got past day 1 without blogs like yours and so so brave to put yourself out there. Five stars from me and I haven't read the book yet. Is that allowed?

  8. Don't forget your blog buddies when you're swanning around with the glitterati. We knew you were good before you were famous!


    Well done!



  9. So so happy and excited for you!!!! You deserve it!!! You have helped so many of us!!! Can't wait to see you in NYC when you are doing the morning show rounds!!!! xo

  10. 5 Star giver is only stating what we all know!! And thank you for sharing ... It has been your sharing that has helped many of us climb onto that wagon and hang on to it through the wall, up the hill into the pink place and beyond :-))) Many Congrats!!

  11. No need for apologies, Clare, huge congratulations. Of course it goes without saying that the reviewer is mistaken in saying that "the alcoholism is ultimately a problem of her own making". This tells me straight away that the reviewer has not (as yet) encountered alcohol addiction issues in their own life. We know of course that it is by no means of your own, or our own, making but a function of the nature of the beast and society's relationship with it. But it was a lovely review. Go YOU! xx

  12. You have every reason to be proud of your book! Don’t ever feel like you are boasting. You wrote from the heart and shared an intimate struggle, its something to be immensely proud of! This society of ours profits of on self-loathing so self-love is a radical act. I'm really happy for you and cant wait to read your book. I love your facebook posts too:) xxx

  13. Oh how lovely!!! I'm so happy for you, SM, and I'm very much looking forward to the day my preorder arrives. :)

    It's my day 90 today, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it past day 14 without finding and starting to binge-read your blog during that grueling second week. Your voice and your story are so important. Thank you for sharing them.

    Congratulations, cheers, and much love!

    -EW in Phila, PA

  14. So happy for you. You have been the most important influence in my four month so far sober journey. You deserve all the stars you can get!


  15. You go girl! No apologies required. Those of us that you have helped to kick the drink are SO proud of you and share in your excitement. YOU ROCK!

  16. Wonderfully put! But we knew this about you all ready :-).

  17. Yeah!!!! That’s fab!! And Do not apologise ! I can’t wait for the book, I’m guessing you will get a lot of 5 ⭐️ star reviews, we all think your amazing and a guiding light in our sober lives! Big hugs and happy celebrating xxxx

  18. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. As a mom that used to drink too much, so many things rang true to me. Your book made me laugh and cry and has been a great motivator to stay sober. Congrats on the great review! Thanks for your honesty, it’s comforting to know there are other moms with the same struggles.