Wednesday 22 November 2017

The Cancer Clinic

Today was the day of my check-up at the cancer clinic - two years after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When I was drinking, if I was scared about something I would - obviously - use booze to dampen down any trepidation.

Since I quit, I've learned all sorts of way more effective strategies for dealing with fear.

So today, I dressed in bright red - the colour of battle, the shade that says "f**k you, cancer, don't even think about it."

Then, as I did back in the early days when I was facing down the wine witch, I used visualisation.

I imagined that I was Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, preparing for battle with my army of Unsullied.

I pictured myself as Wonder Woman, with her fabulous metallic corsetry and magic bracelets.

I strutted out of the house and, although I actually took the London Underground (District Line), pictured myself on the back of a dragon, bearing down on the Breast Unit.

I went in for my mammogram.

I did not feel at all sorry for my left boob, as they squished it flat as a pancake into the mammogram machine.

You deserve that for trying to kill me, Lefty, I thought.

(Is it normal to harbour resentment for one of your own body parts? I suspect not...)

Then I had to sit, for quite a long time, in the waiting room, for the consultant to give me the verdict.

Gradually, as the clock ticked on, my dragons flew away, followed by the feckless Unsullied. My magic bracelets reverted to plain metal, and I was left a rather terrified ex-lush housewife.

Finally, I was called in, to be told that ALL WAS WELL.

I was reminded of a phenomenal video of Will Smith talking about fear. He says: "On the other side of maximum fear are all the best things in life."

The Will Smith video is going up on the SoberMummy Facebook Page today - if you're ever afraid of anything (and who isn't?) then do watch it.

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Thank you all, so much, for all your thoughts and good wishes - they made all the difference in the world.

Love SM x


  1. Fantastic news Clare, am so happy for you, brave and wonderful lady! xxx

  2. So relieved and pleased for you. Sending LOTS of love xx

  3. You rock Sober Mummy in all your glorious armour! Russian Red lipstick is my go-to confidence giver. 80s Madonna with the Jean-Paul Gaultier corsets. So pleased for you that it all went well, xx

  4. Fantastic news. Really delighted for you xo

  5. Great news SM, we're all happy for you. That was a great piece BTW, you're such a good writer!



  6. I am so pleased for you, mr SM and #1,2 & 3. Xxx

  7. I LOVE the visualizing. And congrats on the good news. ; )

  8. Fantastic news!! What a relief for you all. You rock SM!! 💄💋 huge virtual hug xx

  9. Yeah!!! Fab news for you and your family!! Big hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  10. Great news and so well described. Fabulous!

  11. Best news EVER! So glad to hear this!!

  12. There's nothing like that fear - but also nothing like that relief. Glad all is well x

  13. Yeah awesome congrats - oh BTW I just posted to please help reviews - a bit late - but hope it helps - E

    1. Thanks SO much Eeyore. I passed your comment onto the publishers who were thrilled to have a ‘bloke’ one 😁

    2. My pleasure - Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from across the pond - the day when we yanks are supposed to give thanks for things like health, family and friends. I'm thankful (you came into my life via the blog). Please let me know if you have any US tour dates to support your book - and please post your UK tour signing schedule! Hugs - E

  14. What a relief - brilliant news. Xx