Saturday 4 November 2017

This will make you happy!

There are many, many times during the sober journey when you find yourself thinking why on earth am I doing this?

Why am I spending every evening explaining to uncomprehending friends that 'no, I can't just have the one glass of wine'?

Why am I dealing with life raw, when it would be so easy to rub the edges off from time to time?

Why am I insisting on staying sober when the world and his wife are knocking back the drinks and gearing up for the silly season?

(Just today I was tempted to push the self destruct button when I received an e-mail from Homebase titled CHRISTMAS IS HERE! No it’s not. We’ve only just got through Halloween, I’m still trying to get the face paint off various children and pumpkin seeds out of the furniture, so please shut up about Christmas for at least another week). 

So, a couple of weeks ago I asked you lot to complete the sentence 'The best thing about being sober is....'

You wrote some incredible, inspirational things. You made me laugh. You reminded me what this is all about.

I tried to summarise all the things you said, and turned them into a YouTube video. Yes, really!

(Actually, I have to confess, I got my thirteen-year-old to turn them into a YouTube video. And before you start thinking how incredibly helpful she is, bear in mind that I had to pay her. £5. Hopefully you'll think it was worth it).

So, if you're feeling a bit down, and you've forgotten why you're doing this, then check out the video. It's on the SoberMummy Facebook page - click here.

Also new on the FB page: the world’s most sexy teetotal men (well worth checking out) and Jamie Lee Curtis on how being sober changed her life....

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If you like the video, please share and spread the love....

Happy sober weekend, everyone!

SM x

1 comment:

  1. Love the video!! Lots of amazing reasons to be Sober. It is coming up to the time of year that everyone is drinking, lots, so it’s good to remind ourselves why we are doing this.
    I think you do hit certain points where you just think, why? And it’s good to think back to the early days and why you wanted to stop. Personally the thought of a hangover after all this time just kills me ��!
    I’m nearly at my 1 year anniversary, and once I’ve celebrated it on social media I will be liking, commenting and sharing your fab Facebook posts!

    Happy 5th of November SM, here’s to cosy jumpers, hot chocolates, crisp autumn walks and remembering all of it! ������xxxxx