Sunday 22 October 2017

Good News and Bad News

Well, for those of you who read my last post, and know that I finally plucked up the courage to show my book (about the year I quit drinking) to my parents, the good news is this text, sent to me by my mother.

(I can't believe she used an emoji!)

The line 'you could say that we have learned a lot...' sounds a little ominous, but I'm taking it at face value.

So, hurrah! And phew.

On the bad news front, however, those of you who know and love my fellow blogger and virtual friend, the fabulous Mrs S, might want to know that she's currently waiting for biopsy results as she has a suspected melanoma.

Please, please pop on over to her blog to give her your support, and to read the horribly sobering statistics she's found on the link between drinking white wine and skin cancer. 

Mrs S, we are all thinking of you and sending love and strength.

SM x


  1. Thanks for sharing your Mother’s text SM. I have been thinking about you & them over the weekend. No wonder they are proud! Thanks for sharing too re Mrs S. Yes, will definitely go there next x

  2. My parents know nothing about my sober blogging. I've been quiet for some time, and would like to come back... Annie x

    1. you are so missed annie.

    2. Annie! One thing I've learned is that the only person who is ever ashamed of us is ourselves! We all love you. Please come back ❤️

  3. Yay for awesome parents! Thanks SM for the shout out. It was lovely to wake up to an inbox of virtual hugs. AnnieUK101- I hope you come back, this community is what the world needs more of- love, care, support and hope.

  4. That must have been nerve wrecking to let you parents read it, good feedback though. Sounds like your mom is on that emoji train:) I'm going to text Mrs S now. I've been away for a while so only catching up with everything now. x