Sunday, 24 September 2017

Getting Through Wine O'Clock

The most difficult thing about giving up the drink is getting through the witching hour.

For me, it was longer than an hour - it stretched from around 5pm until about 8pm.

The clock seemed to move agonisingly slowly, and the wine witch would be jumping up and down inside my head yelling at me to stop being such a kill joy and just open a bottle of wine! (You don't need to drink the whole thing...)

I found that distraction really helped. Finding something interesting to read, or something funny to watch, or connecting with other people in the same boat.

Which is why I've created the SOBERMUMMY FACEBOOK PAGE! It's aimed at anyone who wants to quit or cut down on booze, or just drink more 'mindfully'.

I'm going to post something every weekday at wine o'clock UK time (I'm afraid that'll make it lunch time, or thereabouts in the USA) to inspire, inform or just entertain you.

There'll be newspaper articles, book reviews, mocktail recipes, TED talks, celebrity drinking stories (I know it's puerile, but I do love them. It makes me feel a little more glamorous) and much more. All upbeat and light-hearted - things you'll, hopefully, be happy to share.

If you check out my page now you'll find a the most widely shared TED talk on addiction, a newspaper article about Carol McGiffin drinking two bottles of wine a day, a wonderful video about parenting which I swear will make you cry (in a good way) as well as my favourite Absolutely Fabulous clip (because I blame Patsy and Edina for the pickle I found myself in!).

I'm on a mission to provide an antidote to all those drinking memes that crop up on your Facebook timeline!

All you need to do is to click the link here, or type SoberMummy into your Facebook search bar. Once you find my page, if you 'like' it Facebook will keep you updated with new stuff as I post it.

I'd love to make it all a proper community, so please do share, comment and message me via the page with any suggestions of content you'd like to see up there. You can also e-mail me on

Once we've got enough people on board I can set up some community areas like a 'Dry January' group or a '100 day challenge' group, so you can chat privately to people with the same goals as you and egg each other along.

So please, please drop in and 'like' my page (I'm aware I'm sounding needy!) I'd LOVE to see you there. And please leave any ideas, suggestions, issues in the comments below.

Love SM x


P.S. After two and a half years of blogging, I have finally managed to work out how to post images as well as words! That's my kitchen clock at the top of this post.


  1. Woo hoo!!! You've got so much good stuff happening it's amazing!!! I've liked the page, I possibly won't publicly comment on much until my grand 1 year sober big reveal that I'm planning on posting on Facebook on Nov 21st!!!!

    Are the comments private or public?

    In the early stages I survived the 6-8pm wine witch by drinking becks blue, tonic water and eating lots of anything!!!! Always rounding off the evening with a hot chocolate!

    Oh and that's the same clock as I have in my kitchen! Yet another similarity!!! Keep up this amazing work SM, it's amazing to be spreading the word on sobriety!!! Xxx

    1. I can't believe you have my clock! Comments are public (although I'm going to add some private membership areas later on), but I'm targeting the page at anyone interested in cutting down or just drinking 'mindfully' as well as abstainers, so commenting on it shouldn't be embarrassing! Thanks so much for your support! xxx

    2. Ang, here's the Facebook description of the site: Inspiration, information and some well deserved laughs for anyone interested in cutting back on or quitting boozing, or just drinking more mindfully. Book reviews, mocktail recipes, celebrity drinking stories, new research and much more.

    3. I know!!! Weird!!!! Ok cool well I know a few of my friends will be wanting to find out lots of info so I will spread the word for you! And I will be commenting because I always have a lot to say and can't shut up most of the time! It's all so exciting, feels like it's taking off big time! You should feel Very proud l, I do! xxxxx

    4. Thanks so much! I've roped lots of my friends in - most of them 'normal' drinkers - curse them, but all interested in being more healthy!

  2. I have liked and am sure it will take off big time. And I got through my first weekend with your help (Suzy) THanks!!

    1. Thanks Suzy, and HUGE CONGRATS! Doesn't Monday morning feel amazing after a sober weekend? xxx

  3. As Ang says ... You are taking off and flying :-))) sooo exciting (for us too :-)
    So I think the time has come for me to join in the Facebook world ... Don't want to miss anything :-)).
    Good to see pics added to your posts ... As a keen photographer I must set my mind and camera to images depicting sober happiness ... Cheers :-)

    1. Hi Jacs! If you come up with some good 'sober' pics I'd love to feature them! (I'll credit you, obvs) x

  4. Great Facebook page, I too loved Ab Fab and funnily enough I am still not brave enough to watch it even though I am over a year sober!