Wednesday 22 March 2017

London Terror Attack

A few days ago, I was walking alongside the Thames with Mr SM and the three children, pointing out (as I do every time) Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

We'd been to see an amazing art exhibition featuring life size models of the Marvel Superheroes constructed entirely from Lego.

We walked past the skateboard park, decorated with incredible (legally applied) graffiti, human statues, street magicians and acrobats and a street food market offering food from every continent.

I thought how incredibly lucky we are to live in such a vibrant city, a melting pot of different cultures, where astounding modern architecture buts up against beautiful historic monuments, and where every street has centuries of tales to tell.

Then yesterday Mr SM was crossing London by tube for a meeting and cursed as he approached Westminster and discovered that the tube line was closed.

He had no idea that just a few feet above his head four people had been killed and around forty injured (including three French teenagers on a school trip) by a terrorist ploughing his 4x4 car at around 70 miles per hour along the pavement of Westminster Bridge, then plunging a knife into a policeman outside Parliament.

In just a few minutes lives were lost or changed forever, and the ripple effects will continue as livelihoods are affected by reduced tourism.

It's really easy at times like this to want to hunker down, to stay safe, to cancel trips and change plans. But that's not the right thing to do. Because what yesterday really shows us is that life is short and the future is unpredictable.

We have to make the most of every minute. And we can't let the bastards win.

Love SM x


  1. Morning sm

    Your post has literally come through as
    I am sat in bed chatting with my girls about this!

    At 7 & 10 you only want to give them the basics without scaring them. But the main point I've made is that these cowards will not win, they want us to sit indoors and be scared but that's not going to happen! So very very sad though, rip to the poor innocent people :-(.

    Definitely makes you realise love is short and enjoy each day. Somthing that has become even more important to me now I'm sober! So today I'm going to squeeze my girls a little tighter when they go into school, then I'm off do my first ever hot yoga class!! Wish me luck!!! stay safe and sober everyone, don't let the b######s win!!!! Xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hurrah for our amazing police, ambulance etc services. Hurrah for those brave people who reacted, helped or got out of the way when required.

    When I checked up on my son who works in London I was relived to hear he was fine ... My heart goes out to those Mums who did not have that news ....

    Stay safe and sober fellow amazing people ... We will not be bullied!! Xxx

  3. I felt so very sad for my home town on hearing this news yesterday. I hope your friends and family are all ok and am thinking of those who have affected by this bizarre act.
    Hope you enjoyed the Hot Yoga Ang75! Four days sober (again) x

  4. I totally understand how you feel, I'm from Boston and our marathon had a bomb go off at the finish line and people were killed and maimed, it was horrible. Someone came up with the phrase "Boston Strong" after it and it really helped us feel strong. We didn't let the bastards win, we kept our city open and we kept living our lives and didn't hide. So now it your turn "London Strong" !!!

    1. Thank you mythreesons! We can't live in fear, that's exactly what these people want. Love to all xxx

  5. I was thinking of you yesterday as I know you live in the city. I am so sorry and wish you all the best.

  6. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. These acts of violence draw us all closer together, all around the civilised world.



  7. Thought of you, SM, when I heard about this...and all of you in the UK who post. There's no payoff for those who commit these monstrous acts...and yet they go on. As do we all...There was an American radio interview today with a London radio host who made a point, citing all that London has been through, going back to war years - and that londoners will not be brought down. Nor shall any of us. Hugs and thoughts....

  8. I wouldn't call it a political act of terrorism, only a cowardly senseless act of violence. It doesn't deserve any "cause crusade" title, killing innocent people and hurting others, some of which were Christians, Muslims, and who know which other faiths or of no faith they were.

    I totally agree with this SM and your wonderful way to turn this into the joy of living our lives and hugging those we love.

    In New Zealand it has sent shock-waves through the country - a public cry to leave the offender un-named as to not glorify their actions in any way.

    Peace, love and strength to all of you in the UK at the moment.

    M xxx

  9. Yes on the attitude! We are going to be in London in a few weeks and people ask if we will still go..My SO is a Londoner through and through and would never think of NOT going. And your absolutely right! If we curl up and change our lives and plans, they win.

  10. Its so shocking isnt it? I just dont even know what to say. I love London so much. So sad. We wont give into the fear. xxx

  11. We will not let them win.
    We are stronger.