Sunday 19 March 2017


I posted a few days ago about my sick dog - thank you all so much for all your kind and thoughtful comments.

Sometimes I'm reminded that there are so many things about this Universe that we don't understand and can't explain.

Shortly after I last posted, when the terrier hadn't eaten for two days and was looking seriously miserable, we had to go out to a dinner party.

I was worried about leaving the dog with the babysitter, but we've known her for years and she's very fond of him, so I explained the situation and said we'd come straight back if he got any worse.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll look after him. I'm a Master Reiki Healer, so I'll do a session with him."

I have to confess to being a little sceptical, but I figured it couldn't do any harm. As we left he was sitting on Susie's knee, having his back stroked and looking a little confused.

Three hours later, we got home, opened the door and were flattened by a fur ball, jumping up, wagging his tail and then charging outside to bark at some foxes.

"He's eaten a bowl of food and drunk lots of water," said Susie as we stared at his retreating doggy butt, open-mouthed.

Otto's recovery may well have been a complete co-incidence, but who knows?

Since that evening, he's still had a bit of a upset tummy, but he's definitely on the mend.

My other good news, and the reason I didn't post any sooner, is that yesterday I typed THE END at the bottom of my manuscript!

It's the book of my first year sober, how I got there, what I learned, and how I got, and then got rid of, breast cancer along the way.

I'm hoping that it'll help other people struggling with the wine witch, and will help 'normal drinkers' get a much better understanding of what life is like for us addicts.

It all sounds a bit serious, but it's actually a black comedy which, I hope, will be fun to read.

Of course, it's not actually THE END. It's the beginning of a long editing process. I sent a copy to my Agent, printed off two copies for friends to read and critique, and gave a copy to Mr SM.

It's like handing over your baby.

Mr SM has been reading and making notes with a red pen (as requested). It's agonising. I keep hounding him with needy questions: is it okay? Will anyone read it? Do I sound completely crazy?

Once I've got everyone's feedback I'll do a big re-edit, then hand it to my publishers who, apparently, will take four or five weeks to get back to me. How agonising!

(Publication date: Jan 11th, 2018)

Love to you all, and thanks, as always, for all your support.

SM x

P.S. Huge congrats to WildcatsMaisie on her Soberversary!


  1. Congratulations on the book ( I sound like Father Ted ) but that's a great milestone and one you can celebrate without booze. I'm still at the stage where even small successes make me think of the missing glass of bubbly, but not for long.

    Good news about Fido too!


  2. Congrats! I can't wait to read it, you have helped me put into words everything I was feeling in the last two years getting sober so I know your book will be amazing.

  3. Wow, that's amazing!! How exciting, can't wait to be able to buy it x

  4. Glad your dog is better and we'll done on finishing your book. It will be amazing. Your story has been such a help and support to me since I found your blog on 11th May 2015 - the day I stopped drinking! Following your blog every day kept me sane and so sure that my decision to stop was the right one. You deserve much success with your book xxx

  5. OMG! So much good news for one day! What a huge relief about your furry family member...I'm close to a couple of people who, just since the start of the year, had doggie tales that did not end well. It's just one of the hardest hurrah for little ST (sober terrier).

    And another cheer for the fait accompli on the book! 👏👏 It must feel like a 200 pound boulder has rolled off your back. What a wondrous go-for-it gal you are!

    (One completely unsolicited tip - which with your writing background, I'm sure you don't need. But: Have you sat in a quiet place, all alone, and read it out loud to yourself? It always amazes me what little bugs and redundancies that will bring out of hiding. Forgiveness, please, if I'm overstepping😗)

  6. Thank you SM ! I feel like a celebrity now ! Haha !
    I can't wait for the book. I will definitely be reading it.

  7. I'll be reading it too.:)

    So pleased about Otto.

  8. So happy your fur baby is on the mend! And congrats on finishing your book! That is so awesome! I can't wait to read it and i can't wait to meet up with you when you are on your book tour in NYC!!!! xo

  9. Congratulations on both fronts, a best friend on the mend, and your first book! How I have loved seeing your story unfold over the course of two years. Bravo!!

  10. How fantastic SM, congratulations! And so glad your doggie is on the mend too. Xxx

  11. Yeah!! Double yeah!!! Fab news on the pooch and the book! I can't wait to read it!

    Day 120 for me today and I can honestly say from 100 days I felt a bit flat like "what's next" but since the weekend I feel back in positive mode! I don't think the time of year helps but I've also missed reading
    Your blog because I'm now upto date. Think I may re read it!!!!

    Well done SM and big hugs xxxxx

  12. So glad to hear your dog is back to health and the two words you have been working towards happened. The End aka The Next Beginning :-)

    Day 204 here!!! Bunch of flowers for day 100 .... On Thusday we went out bought and planted a Plum tree in my garden .. Something I have wanted to do for years ... Another new beginning ... Day 300 here I come.

    It does get easier doesn't it ... Hang on in there fellow followers of SM
    Hugs Jacqui

  13. Great news all round SM. Really great news. I'm so glad your dog is ok, and that you have finished a book. You are an inspiration to so many, not just with your blog, but also in showing us what can be possible when we stop drinking. I bet you never dreamed you'd publish a novel. X

  14. Glad to hear the pooch has recovered. Awesome news with your book. Very much look forward to reading it! xx

  15. Yeah! Happy dancing all round! Hugs, xx

  16. Massive congrats SM. I can't wait. You have helped so many people already - the book is going to make a huge difference to many more. X

  17. Wonderful and looking forward to reading you book for sure
    Michelle xx

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    1. Hi Walsh Mark, as a cancer survivor myself I ask you, kindly, to stop posting your spam e-mail aimed at extorting money from people who are suffering. Be kind. Think about what you're doing. It's not right.

  19. Congratulations SoberMummy! Can't wait to read it! Was so worried about your dog. So pleased all's well xxx

  20. So much great news, that's amazing ! I'm glad for your dog, I think in some way it was a miracle?..
    Regards from Job Searching Mom Blog

  21. Congratulations, can't wait to read it. It's good to receive feed back but don't listen to others to the point where you edit out your own voice. You're a wonderful writer, trust your gut.

  22. Great news about your dog and you book!!

  23. Great news about your dog and your book!! Much love, xx