Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Before and After Pictures

Not drinking in December can be really hard, so when I came across this article on Facebook I thought I should share it.

It's 'before and after' pictures of people who've stopped drinking, so Click here for instant motivation and a sneaky warm, smug feeling.

(Apologies, I've removed that link as one of my readers tells me that the photos were taken from a 'stop drinking' forum on Reddit without permission which may not be legally wrong, but does feel morally suspect).

I find it ironic now the lengths we go to look younger and fresher. Fillers, botox, endless fad diets, lasers, chemical peels, etcetera. And yet the best, quickest fix is not doing something, but not doing something: not drinking.

Booze is filled with toxins. It makes your skin puffy and your eyes yellow. Plus - ironically - the more you drink, the more dehydrated you get, giving you wrinkles and lank, dull hair.

Alcohol is filled with empty calories, so it makes you pile on the weight, particularly around your stomach (muffin top, anyone?).

So, if you're feeling a bit down about the fact that you're surrounded by people drinking endless glasses of mulled wine, champagne and festive cocktails, then just think about how amazing you're going to look in January when they are starting the new year counting regrets, making impossible resolutions and feeling bleurgh.

The first thing you notice when you quit is the changes to your face. You lose that puffy, jowly look, your skin gets rosier and your eyes get brighter.

(See my post from day 110: Go Sober for Free Botox)

Then, even your hair gets shinier and bouncier.

(See my post from day 74: Sober hair)

And, hopefully, you'll start losing weight - although do remember that in the early days of not drinking chocolate and cake are necessary food groups.

Even if it takes a while to shift the pounds you'll notice that the pounds are shifting around. You start to lose that six month pregnant look and can do the belt up an extra notch.

(For more on weight loss click here)

So DO NOT DESPAIR. It's all worth it. You're going to start 2017 looking and feeling AWESOME!

Big hugs to you all,

SM x


  1. I LOVE this! In moments of temptation, everyone needs to scroll through that list of transformations. It's their eyes for me - they all look so much happier. Very powerful. Red xx

  2. I love this too! So amazing transformations.

    At my AA group there is a wonderful guy who is a member of both AA and NA. I met him at about to be 12 months sober. He had gone from unemployed and homeless to 11 stones lighter, marathon runner, employed and about to be a father. He inspires me so much!

  3. Wow those before and after pictures are amazing.
    My scales haven't changed much since giving up alcohol, as I still love a hot chocolate and enjoy my food ! But I have definitely lost a chin !

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  5. Great post to share before Christmas :)
    We all share a degree of vanity - it keeps us in check and it seems crazy what we put our bodies through knowing it is making us look and feel bad.
    Merry Christmas and thanks again! Mx

  6. 7 months today for me and I know I have a long way to go but I am down about 21lbs without really trying too much (I gave been ill which accounts for some) I went to see a friend today and when she opened the door she shrieked "oh, your face! You've lost so much weight" I know I have lost around my cheeks, jowls and neck.
    These photos are a stark reminder of the sad, bloated and a bit 'can't be bothered' look I used to walk around with. There is a small loss of pride when you drink too much, you are trying so hard to keep up other appearances your actual appearance suffers.
    Saw the title and thought we would be seeing the Sober Mummy before and after ha ha.

  7. Such great motivation at this time of year. I felt great after last Christmas and am going to feel great again this year. I eat more than I used to and weigh a lot less. Win win!

  8. Love this and so looking forward to feeling healthy on the inside, even more than the outward benefits (but those are obviously a HUGE plus and motivation)! Thank you!


  9. I stepped on the scale after almost 3 months since I started this crazy journey. I had been up almost 10 pounds last month and was starting to lose motivation. This morning I was down 3. I haven't given up the snacks and I haven't been to the gym much in the last 3 weeks, but its starting to shift. These images are so inspiring to keep going, as if the other benefits weren't already motivation enough.

  10. Pics are worth a1000 words. And isnt it great how many young(ish) faces are in that group.

  11. I wish I could post pics. My husband and I look entirely different.
    I gained weight, but I look healthier and happier.
    Craig is a different person. It took a couple of years, but he lost all the booze weight.

    And we both have a sparkle in our eye!

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  13. Day 31 for me and I hadn't weighed myself because I wanted to concentrate of eating what I wanted and looking after myself. Until yesterday and I have lost 5lbs and I was so shocked, because I have been very relaxed with eating what I fancy and my really exercising. So I now know that once I start my January health kick I will have a head start and sober start too!!! Plus I have definitely noticed my skin has a lovely glow!! All these positives by just getting rid of horrible alcohol!!! What's not to love about a sober Christmas!! Xx

  14. Wonderful before and after photos! I'm over day 100, and loving it. Sober Yule is certainly different. Husband is less excited, because he feels guilty when he buys beer - I told him I can't own his guilt. Lois

  15. I did lose weight in the first six months (about 20 pounds), basically without trying. BUT what I found really remarkable was that - with no booze in my system - I just became so much more attuned to how I felt..and WHEN I WAS FULL. It was so much easier (after early, carb-carb, feed the beast days) to be in control without really thinking about it.