Sunday, 20 December 2015

Well Off Women More Likely to Drink

A few days ago the Daily Mail printed an article entitled 'Why well off women are more likely to have a problem with alcohol.' (Click here for full article)

According to new research, the richest twenty percent of women are three times as likely to drink almost every day than those on lower incomes.

Experts blame this trend on a workplace culture that encourages drinking, and our habit of 'unwinding' over a bottle of wine in the evening (hands up if you're familiar with that one!)

Two thirds of women in the top fifth earning households drink at least once a week (only two thirds?), and one sixth drink at least five times a week.

The research also shows that the biggest drinkers amongst women are the 45-65 age group, not the 'reckless' teens.

Dr Niall Campbell, an expert in alcohol addiction at the Priory in South West London, says: ‘My concern is women are now treating wine like chocolate. It’s no longer an occasional treat but part of a daily habit. It’s created an atmosphere whereby women who once enjoyed a glass of wine in an evening now finish a bottle and sometimes open another one.'
None of this is a surprise to me, or, I suspect, to any of you.
Back in the very early days of this blog I wrote a post entitled 'Why so many well educated, middle aged women drink too much' (click here to read).
(My titles have got a bit snappier since then)
We really are not alone.

I'm sure, also, that all this research must underestimate the issue. After all who ever tells the truth when asked how much they drink? Certainly not any of us!
And yesterday I noticed that this blog has now had more than a quarter of a million page views since I started it in March. Given that I don't exactly advertise it, that's a hell of a lot of people actively searching for help....
Last week I bumped into an old work colleague. We started reminiscing about the glory days of advertising in the early '90's. The bar in the office, the long, liquid lunches, the huge expense accounts, the Hockney's on the walls, and the lavish Christmas parties (we were banned from the Ritz the year we ended up dancing on the tables to Gary Glitter. Before he was outed as a paedophile, obviously).
He told me that he still attends an annual lunch for retired directors. Traditionally extremely boozy affairs. This year, however, he was the only one drinking.
Had they all reformed and decided to get fit? Hell no. They all had cirrhosis!
Daily, and excessive, drinking has become completely normalised amongst my age group and my 'income bracket'. And it is a ticking time bomb.
I had a look at the comments on the Daily Mail article to see of there was any sense of concern among the readers. You know what the most 'liked' comment was?
I drink every night to celebrate not being poor. Cheers!
And this one: It's because we have more money. Now get off my land!
You have to laugh.
Love to you all,
SM x


  1. Its scary no one realises the damage they are doing. I just used to ignore any thoughts of how bad it was for me physically. It was wanting to get well mentally that finally made me quit andonky now can I see the physical damage I was doing.

  2. Am on day 3 and one of your new followers SM... haven't slept well since I stopped but know it will get better and I will sleep like a baby :-)). The article doesn't come as any great surprise and I agree it's probably far worse. Took me ages to sign on to blogger but now I am here I hope to post everyday to keep me sober ...just like you and all my other blogging heroines! Many thanks SM xx

    1. Well done WWWKIT! Don't worry about the sleep - it won't take long (in the meantime, magnesium tablets at bedtime help, apparently). Stay in touch and Merry Sober Xmas! X

    2. Thank you SM! Am trying hard to write my blog but keep editing it and starting again...will just go for honesty and hope it keeps me sober! x

  3. Love the way you keep it real!

  4. Oh SM, I've just checked out the comments. I have to say that at one point I was just like those people posting "it's my only vice, leave me alone with my wine!"....ouch, seems like a lifetime again, yet it wasn't. And SM, yes, there's lots of people looking for help, but you get lots of views because your blog is awesome. It keeps me inspired, not only to stay sober, but also to keep writing and posting, thank you xxxx

    1. Well, there's a coincidence, because you are my inspiration! Great news about the gazebo ;-) xx

  5. I'm on day 36 and it's all down to you SM. so glad I cracked this before Christmas and new year because that's usually 2 weeks of heavy drinking, feeling disgusted with myself etc etc. instead i have a clear head, great sleeps, calm happy times with my hubby and kids. Soooo happy for your book nomination by the way. I can't wait to read it! Lots of Christmas love. From SFM xxx

    1. Day 36 SFM! Awesome! And it's all down to YOU! Watch out for PAWS around now - don't let it floor you - it's temporary. Big Xmas hugs xxx

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