Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How to Start a Sober Blog

About six weeks ago I received an e-mail from a chap called Alan. He said this:

Hi, may I ask, what is the best tip you can share about starting my own recovery blog?

Now, I'm obviously a big fan of sober blogging. In fact I wrote a post recently titled Blogging Saved my Life (click here to read).

So I wrote back to Alan with a few tips then, to be honest, forgot all about him.

Until today.

I received another mail from Alan, and it transpires that he hadn't just contacted me, he'd written to fifty five sober bloggers.

(Typical bloke - makes you feel special, then you discover they've been chatting everybody up).

He then took all of their responses and compiled them into a really fabulous article on how, and why, to start a sober blog, including a step-by-step guide to setting one up on Wordpress.

Two things struck me: one, I wish I'd read his article before I started out and, two, I'm jolly glad I didn't reply to his e-mail saying eff off, Alan, and do it yourself. I'm busy. I wouldn't have wanted that response shared with the interweb.....

So, if you've just started out and are thinking about starting a sober blog, even if it's just for yourself, then do check out Alan's article here:

Recovery Blogs: The Ultimate How To Guide

There are links to all fifty five of the featured blogs too, many of which are new to me.

Love to you all,

SM x


  1. Great post SM! I wish I'd had this when I started out! A x

  2. Typical Sheila lol! Love it :) Thanks SM.

  3. Hey - I thought I was special! Just kidding, it's a great article, and I found some new blogs too x

  4. Don't be jealous, he emailed me too. But I deleted it because it looked suspiciously like spam. Hahaha! You are more trusting than I:)

  5. Nice compilation! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have just started grappling with my first blog so this is very useful! I still can't figure out how to add labels or to link one blog entry to another (although initially as this blog is only for me it's not that important) I'm also unclear as to why so few people use images (is it a download thing?) and whether a recovery/sober blog must only be about recovering or about other things in that person's life too? (Does that make it a lifestyle blog?!?) Further thoughts are on how do you deal with trolls (if ever any find you!) and how do you deal with blips/potholes as I've seen many blogs become extinct in the last year as their writers revisited their demons.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I have got as far as creating a name.. I am waiting for 100 days before starting it! That will be April 1. If I had it going today I would be musing on how Americans celebrate St Patricks Day...the bars opened at 7am this morning for "keggs and eggs' !!!

    1. Clare - We will be 100 days on the same day!

    2. Excellent! I will toast you with something suitable!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! I have been a lurker on your blog for the past couple of months and it has been a tremendous help to me-75 Days strong! I just started my blog last week and this is a great help. Hope your having a fabulous holiday!
    You deserve it!