Tuesday 19 January 2016

Reasons to Quit Drinking #10: All the Little Things.....

We've already covered the biggies here. If you quit drinking you'll be healthier, skinnier, happier, a better parent with better friendships. You'll find your mojo, expand your horizons, and join the vanguard of hip youth and celebrities discovering a new way of life.

Is that it?

Well, no actually.

The great thing about going sober is the huge number of little changes that make it all worthwhile. And all the little things add up to one big transformation.

Here are just a few, and there are many more described in the pages of this blog, by me and my readers....

1. You'll get to see the end of movies. And remember them.
2. No more fear of sent texts
3. You'll enjoy driving past police cars. You may even start willing them to pull you over and breathalyse you.
4. You won't have to run away from cameras, or lie to doctors.
5. No more worrying about people smelling your breath. Minty fresh.
6. Goodbye unexplained bruises and wardrobe malfunctions.
7. You'll stop imagining that cashiers are judging you.
8. Mornings! I have to say that one again: MORNINGS!
9. You'll be richer.
10. You'll sleep like a baby. No more 3am tossing and turning.

Even ten months down the line, I still keep finding new things that give me a buzz.

One of my least favourite chores used to be collecting additional recycling bags. Every few months the local council deliver two large rolls of recycling bags. It used to make me really mad. Two rolls? For a family of five (plus dog)? Who were they kidding?

Inevitably I would run out of recycling bags after a few weeks, and have to trek to the local library to collect more. The stern librarian was under strict instructions to only dole out one roll of bags at a time. For f***s sake! What did they think we were going to do with them? Start flogging them on the black market?

A fortnight later I'd be back again, pushing old ladies with their Mills and Boon's aside to get to my next measly roll of bin bags.

Well, I realised yesterday that I have a stockpile of recycling bags! And I haven't been to the library for ten months!

God knows how many bags I filled up with empty bottles of vino over the years!

One more annoying little chore crossed off the list. One more reason to never go back there.

Keep going, my friends.

Love SM x


  1. Laughing at the recycling bags. I was thinking - but how do you get through a roll so quickly? There's the answer.
    Like you I waited and waited to be pulled over by the cops - never has happened. Still did get the question "When did you last have a drink?" from a doctor in A&E recently and promptly said "7pm Friday 14th May 2004". He paused on ticking his sheet and looked at me "Seriously?" "Seriously". "Good man". Then he carried on with the questions. I've been waiting nearly 10 years for someone to ask me that question - still wish it had been a policeman though ;-)

    1. So funny, I'm sure you were beaming with pride at the doctor's! :)

    2. So funny, I'm sure you were beaming with pride at the doctor's! :)

    3. Lol! My doc asked how much I drank and I said "nothing." Oh the pride!

  2. On my list would be.

    Not having to remember all the lies you've told all the people you've ever met.
    Not having to concoct new lies when two people you've told different lies to end up in the same place at the same time as you.
    Not continually pretending to be someone much more exciting (and sober) than I really ever was

  3. The clinking of shame on the way to the bottle bank. Now I just can't believe how much Nutella my lot get through!

    My list would be just feeling like me again and realising I am Frickin' awesome, in fact everyone is and when we are ourselves, truly ourselves we send that awesomeness out there to the universe. Kapow!

  4. Eating more and weighing less, enjoying food, picking up the kids at 10 pm on a friday night, taking parents to airport in middle of the night, no more wine breath, no more aches and pains, clear skin.... and so much more! All good to remember when it's hard going xxx

  5. Hello! I am at day 28 and the sleep, oh my god...amazing. I am NOT a morning person but it is so much easier now. AND the generalized anxiety and feeling like a total loser is going away. I have been silently following your blog since day 1 and you are my inspiration! Oh and I love brushing my teeth and taking off my make up and washing my face at night...because that didn't used to happen very often (YUCK!)

    1. Welcome, Clare! And huge congrats on 28 days - that's the worst of the physical stuff done! Keep going! xxx

  6. I don't race through stuff in the early evening so I can get to my first (next drink) and no bottles in the recycling for what will be 3 Wednesdays tomorrow - what will the bin men think!!


  7. I would add, indulging in a lie-in on a Sunday morning, not because you are hungover but just because.....
    Sweet simple pleasures with no ulterior motive, bliss.
    Well done SM another brilliant post to help us along the twisting path of sobriety.

  8. Thanks SM for all your brilliant reasons posts. I am enjoying all the amazing benefits of being sober. Looking forward to more and more in the future. Love SFM x