Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Strong Women Don't Drink!

Last night was date night. Mr SM and I gabbed a quick bite to eat (I've found that I can't hang around in restaurants for too long without a glass (or 5) of vino), and then went to the movies.

We watched the new Terminator movie. Mr SM's choice, obviously. I wanted to see the new Amy Winehouse biopic.

The film was pretty much like the last ones, just with even more confusing time travel (people going backwards, then forwards, then both simultaneously. Even sober it was tricky to follow....).

What I did love, however, was the lead female character - Sarah Connor.

Sarah Connor (mother of the future leader of the revolution), is played by Emilia Clarke who is also my heroine - Daenerys Targaryen (Mother of Dragons) - in Game of Thrones.

As I was watching Sarah Connor, I was imagining her getting a little stressed about the responsibility of saving the future of mankind. What if she'd decided to sink a bottle or two of vino instead of kicking ass with a machine gun?

She wouldn't have been much of a match for a shape shifting terminator from the future then, would she? Unless she was planning to bore him to death.

Do you think Daenerys Targaryen has a swift double vodka 'just to take the edge off' before unleashing her dragons? Would the army of Unsullied have pledged their devotion to a slurring lush? I don't think so.

What about Ripley in Alien? If she'd decided to quench the anxiety a little with a few drinks before heading out with the flamethrower she'd have had aliens popping out of her stomach before she could say "open another bottle, will you?"

I may be (only just) closer to fifty than forty, but I decided last night that I want - I deserve - to be a strong woman. In mind and body.

I am going to get back to my fighting weight (I'm 11 pounds lighter already). I'm going to get serious about running. I'm going to take up yoga and get strong and flexible....

.....and then I'm going to change the world.

Who's with me?

(I might just have a sit down and a quick cup of tea before I get started)

Love to all you strong women. And any men out there.

SM xx

P.S. For those of you following the fate of the tadpoles (I'm looking at you, Suburban Betty!), we now have three frogs! Which is good. I'm unlikely to be able to change the world if I'm unable to ensure a bunch of tadpoles reach maturity....

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  1. Inspiring post. Terminator lol!! Hopefully hubby not noticed its out!

  2. I was just thinking those very same thoughts before i read your post (without the Terminator references). It's time to stop the cyclical debilitating frustrations of not being the person I can be and was before the booze took hold and I swelled up to unimaginable proportions! My frustrations feed into self loathing which feed into quick fixes of drinking which feed into getting fatter.. oh dear me. I feel I have got off the merry go round and am just have a good calm look at it all! Not a good pattern.

    I'm with you - Onwards and Upwards (not outwards) - that could be become my mantra x

  3. Hilarious. I'll come with you as long as I can eat my body weight in chocolate first. We'll need sugar. Obvs.
    I really want to see the Amy Winehouse film too, let's meet in the middle somewhere and see it together. Middle of Wales is good for me...

  4. Great post SM! Yes, would thoroughly recommend the Amy Winehouse film - brilliant, but sobering viewing (and sober-inducing viewing IMO). Felt relieved to have put down the wine bottle....

  5. That would have been my husband's date night movie too - he squirms after ten minutes in the absence of a car chase or shoot out. I am totally in for the world changing thing, by the way. I've changed mine already :)

  6. After years of bootcamp and cross fit I have found my love of my body in yoga. Hard yoga, gentle yoga. Sitting still and breathing. I love every moment. Even the hard, sweaty ones.
    It makes me feel strong. Aware.

    And, I have to say, teaching it adds another layer to it. It is something I never thought I would do - I am definitely a student, not a teacher, but I feel like I have a message to share.

    Nourishing the body is a good thing.

  7. Totally with you on this one. Well done on the weight loss. thats brill! x

  8. I LOVE Khaleesi.
    She rocks!!
    Hope you had a good run today!

  9. I love, love, love this analogy, as a newly sober woman I will remind myself of this
    "strong women don't drink" well, this strong woman used too but not anymore!

  10. This is so good! Loving all over this idea. Did Elizabeth Bennett sob into a bottle of Madeira when Mr.Darcy insulted her entire family or when her sister was shacking up?? Nay! She merely needle-pointed an entire pillow and got on with it.
    Also I am VERY HAPPY about the Amphibious Bounty. Toad-ally fab! Frog-tastic!

  11. Ooh I would love to see the Amy biopic. Well done on the weight loss, that's my next step to take (but baby steps…) :)

  12. Yeah, winter is coming. We need to prepare.

  13. Summer is on it's way down under and I'm on board! Thanks for the inspiring posts - a fan from the land of the long white (boozy) cloud x

  14. Summer is on it's way down under and I'm on board! Thanks for the inspiring posts - a fan from the land of the long white (boozy) cloud x