Wednesday 13 December 2017


I can't believe that after eighteen months of planning, writing, editing and publicising, it's only TWO WEEKS until the book is released.

I have gone from feeling excited to being utterly terrified.

What was I thinking? I was happy and comfortable hiding behind my pseudonym and pretending to the world that my life was, and always had been, perfect.

For the first year of being sober, I told virtually no-one. The idea of being outed as someone who found it impossible to control alcohol was terrifying.

Yet now I am telling the world. WHY?!?!

(N.B. I am sure my parents have asked themselves this, many times).

I keep reminding myself of the answer to that question: that stories change lives, that mine may help thousands of other women struggling, and help to challenge the shame and stigma around going sober.

Then I think: what if no-one buys it? What if I let down all those lovely people who've helped turn the book from my general ramblings into a beautiful, glossy reality?

My editor, who championed my proposal to her board and held my hand through the writing process, the arty people who designed the cover and layout, and the PR, marketing and sales people who've been shouting about it everywhere.

Even worse, what if no-one likes it? What if they hate me? What if you don't like it?


It's too late to cancel (I checked).

So, I'm running around, doing all the PR thingies whilst trying to get Christmas sorted.

Two days ago, I had a photo shoot with the Daily Mail, who are going to run excerpts from the book.

This was my idea of hell. I hate having my photo taken - even a quick shot with an iPhone, let alone spending half a day over it.

They told me to arrive with clean hair and no make-up. No make-up? I hadn't left the house without foundation on for twenty years! I was sure I'd send children screaming from the tube on my way there.

I turned up, bare-faced and trembling, in their swishy offices off Kensington High Street. I was met by a lovely lady from the PR team at my publishers, who was there to hold my (sweaty) hand.

We were ushered into a studio where there was a make-up and hair lady, wardrobe person (just as well I hadn't lied about my dress size) and photographer, a scarily large camera and lots of lights.

And you know what? It was actually quite fun. Mainly because the (all female) team were lovely, and there was lots of general banter and jolliness.

I left the studio for the school run, and turned up at the school gate in full slap, false eyelashes and all. The double-takes amongst the other mothers were hilarious. I'm sure they now think I'm having a torrid daytime affair...

Click here to go to my Amazon page. I really, really hope you like the book.

In other news, there are lots of fab new articles on the SoberMummy Facebook page. Click here to visit, 'like' the page to stay updated.

Merry Christmas and love to you all,

SM x


  1. Relax SM lol, it will be fab!! We will all love your book as will everyone else who reads it! Guarantee your In Box will soon be flooded with a whole new wave of grateful “ I’m so relieved it’s not just me” converts. Enjoy it!! PS the foundation I could leave the house without.... but without mascara..too big an ask! Keep smiling , you’re going to be fab!! ❤️

  2. Enjoy the ride SM, you're achieving amazing things. I seem to remember you posting not long ago -"outside of your comfort zone is where the good stuff happens"
    I can't wait to read the book. It will be great. It will inspire and support others to go sober. You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. The book is bound to be fabulous, I can't wait to read it and I agree with Catherine K, there is a whole lot of women out there waiting to sigh in relief that it's not just them, this book is really going to help people!!

  4. Hi, I can't wait to read your book. I live in the US. Can I still order?

    1. Hello! I'm afraid there's not due to be a US version for a while. I think the publishers are waiting to see how well it sells elsewhere first ;-) You might be able to order to Kindle version from, or have the hardback version shipped (although I'm afraid that would be expensive!) So sorry not to be able to help more!

    2. You can order it at Amazon in the US - the kindle version for $7.99 and the book for 13 and change - though it says they don't know when it will be released. So I'm ordering. SM when are you coming for a book signing stateside? We could use your wisdom - I think you'd be great on the talk show circuit. Here's the amazon link for the US:

    3. If you have a kindle and live outside the UK, you can order it on It is $9.99 and will be auto-delivered 28 December. Looking forward to it popping up in my reading list!

    4. Thanks guys! I'm so thrilled you can get it in the US - for a while you couldn't. I really hope you like it! xxx

  5. Your book will do very well. I feel it in my bones! I too live in the US, but I'm asking my daughter to buy it for me (she's in Germany) and I'll pick-it up when I visit her early next year. I can't wait! xoxo, ll