Thursday, 8 June 2017

Strong Women Don't Drink

In the UK we've woken up to a general election result that no-one would have predicted just a few weeks ago.

This, along with the equally surprising Brexit result and recent US election suggests that, all over the world, people are unhappy with the status quo, with the ruling elites and are questioning what the future should look like.

In addition to all this uncertainty and unrest, we have suffered increasing numbers of terror attacks - three in the UK in a matter of weeks. It feels as if our very foundations are shifting and unstable.

In times like this we all need a bit of escapism. So, rather than searching for it in the bottom of a wine glass, go check out the new Wonder Woman film. I took the children last weekend and we all loved it.

Diana, Wonder Woman, daughter of Zeus and sister of Aires (it turns out), is a fabulous reminder that the last thing you need in times of crisis is a glass of wine.

It feels as if women everywhere turn to various coping mechanisms to help them manage the increasing pressures of modern life, of work and family. If it's not booze it's food, or internet shopping, or prescription medications, or online bingo.

But, having been there, and having dealt with both life threatening illness and the death of a close friend in the last year, I can tell you, honestly, that you are far stronger, and much better able to deal with the things life throws at us, sober.

In my early days of quitting, whenever things got tough, I would remind myself that Ripley in Alien would never have murdered that monster mother of alien parasites if she'd had a few strong drinks first.

Likewise, Sarah Conor in Terminator, or Danaerys - Mother of Dragons - in Game of Thrones. You don't see them turning to the bottle when it all gets a bit stressful. They use strength, wisdom, machine guns and dragons.

And Wonder Woman, armed with a huge sword and a rather fabulous lasso, is another fine example.

Plus, she has an extraordinary, but marvellous, dress sense and, whilst there's not an ounce of fat or cellulite on her, she looks as if she actually eats her meat and two vegetables every day.

So, there I was, watching the film, cheering on Wonder Woman and reminding myself that strong women don't need booze, when the hero passed her a glass of beer!

I watched, avidly, as she raised the glass but put it down without drinking. Then, magically, it was in her hand again (a continuity error that only the most eagle-eyed obsessive - which I am - would have noticed) and she put it down again without drinking a drop.

So, there you have it. Yet more proof that strong women don't drink.

Hurrah, and love to all you superheroes,

SM x


  1. A nice contrast to headlines which celebrated the great British beer drinker who kept hold of his pint ...without spilling it...whilst evacuating from London Bridge during the recent attacks. (Yes it was funny but the UK always seems to be portrayed as a nation of boozers). On with the future and I must see the film. X

  2. We are a comic book obsessed family. Both of my kids love to pretend to be superheroes saving us all from the "badies" of the world. Lovely piece to draw their love and passion close to my love and passion- staying sober.

  3. Congratulations to all the strong women and strong men turning their lives around. Also today is 100 days sober for me !


    1. Awesome work, Rob! Huge congrats. Hope you're celebrating with lots of cake ❤️🎂👏

    2. Thanks SM, it was also a friend's birthday and she had cake, so it would have been rude to refuse! The (other) good news is the weight loss is really becoming noticeable. Mrs w3stie is noticing, and I've gone to the next notch on my belt. How can you eat cake and still lose weight? It's great!



  4. Awww that's really empowering!!! Giving up the booze is the hardest thing I've ever done mentally ( would say physically but I pushed out 2 quite big baby girls!!) I reached 200 days yesterday so feeling very strong indeed! Here's to all the strong women and men out there who have managed to slay the wine witch and won!!!! Xxxx

  5. Excellent post, as always! Now I must see the movie, hahaha!

  6. I absolutely love this post! Yes true strength and courage is being sober and clear in the face of adversity. Nothing more badass than that!

  7. My favourite childhood heros where Wonder Woman (love Linda Carter) and Bionic Woman.

    This will be my first movie trip sober and I have been waiting for the right time what could be better than Wonder Woman with the kids - thanks SM!
    Michelle xx