Monday, 22 May 2017

Manchester Terrorist Attack

I woke up this morning to the terrible news of a terrorist attack in Manchester last night.

What makes this event particularly horrific is not just the fact that at least twenty-two were killed and sixty or so injured by flying pieces of metal, but that the bomb was triggered (by a suspected suicide bomber) outside an Ariana Grande concert, and timed to explode just as the crowds were leaving the venue.

If you don't have young daughters, you may not know Ariana Grande. My girls have grown up with her, as the ditsy, pretty, wholesome 'Cat' in Sam and Cat and Victorious.

The people going to see an Ariana Grande concert would be teenaged girls at their first ever concert, mums taking their ten-year-old to see her idol as a special birthday treat, families enjoying an event that they know will be appropriate for all ages.

Pictures of the scene just before the explosions show a mass of pink helium balloons and groups of young girls, smiling, singing, grinning and taking selfies.

I listened to interviews this morning with men who'd gone to collect their daughters last night and been greeted by unimaginable scenes of chaos, panic and horror.

How can anyone justify any of this in the name of any religion or cause?

In other news, (as if any other news really matters) a new study into the, now irrefutable, link between alcohol and breast cancer was announced. Even half a glass of wine a day significantly increases your risk.

I know this, obviously, and the timing is pertinent, as today I have a check up and ultrasound scan (eighteen months after my original cancer diagnosis) at the breast clinic. Oh joy.

Both the events of last night, and my personal trial this morning, remind me how our futures are so uncertain. In just a matter of moments - an explosion or a black mass on an ultrasound scan - our whole lives can change.

Which is why we have to remember, every day, to be phenomenally grateful for what we have - for our families, our friends and our health.

Love to you all, and particularly to those of you in Manchester. I hope you, and those you care for, are well and safe.

SM x


  1. I can't put into words how I feel, just so so sad and a very heavy heart. I had considered going but opted for little mix in November, my friends neighbour and her two girls went and are still missing.

    Squeezed my girls tighter at school drop off today.

    Truly heartbreaking and too sad to cry xxx

  2. There really are no words for what happened in Manchester. It is sickening, to say the least. I hugged my Ariana Grande fan close and tight last night. My heart is so sad. I wish you good wishes today. I will be channeling good vibes from across the pond. I would be remiss if I didn't say that I am phenomenally grateful for you! xo

  3. Last night my husband and I were celebrating Morrissey's birthday -- watching old videos and listening to records, so we had Manchester on our minds. Then saw the awful news in the paper this morning. So so horrible. Just awful.

  4. Very sad. I hope your appointment goes well today! Channeling good thoughts across the pond!

  5. Thinking about you, SM today and everyone in Manchester and at home. xxx

  6. So horrible. I did read about all the people who were the "heroes " after the bombing, taking people into their homes, taxi drivers driving people home at no charge, etc, etc. Those are the people we need to talk about not the monsters.

  7. I cried when I heard the news on the TV - I just really couldn't believe it. Kids - aiming for kids. WTF? So ghastly.
    Lots of love to you and all the best for your appointment.
    Michelle xx

  8. I am really lost for words, every time I hear there's been another attack. This one was extra brutal since so many children were involved. How can people do such a thing? That being said, I hope your check up went well and that you are okay. Big hug from across the North Sea. Wendy

  9. Just to let you know, all was well with my ultrasound scan today! Thanks for your thoughts xxx

    1. Thanks! I've been worrying because of no new posts. Hope you are busy also with the book. How is that coming along?

    2. Hey Ulla! I'm desperate to get hold of you as you're in the book and I want to check if that's ok! Can you mail me on Xxx

  10. Good news SM. you must be so relieved x

  11. Focusing on the good news.....very happy for you, SM.

    I've had to shut down on the bad; just can,t bear to read about further tragedy.

  12. Good Morning ... This morning I woke with the thought ... First day for the rest of your life .. Or is it!!
    Well, I thought, for most of us it is ... Especially those of us who are kicking the wine witch where she belongs. For some however it must feel heavy with loss .... I hope that somehow the power of good, goodness, positivity and love from the majority can ease a little and provide a balm.

  13. My niece was there on Monday, thankfully she is ok. Hope the check goes well.

  14. So shocked and sad about the terrorist attack.It makes me want to wrap my children up and never let them leave the house. I hope the scan goes well, thinking of you and sending lots of good energy your way. xxx