Thursday, 18 February 2016

Sober Mornings

As it's half term, and no school for a week, my mornings go something like this:

Mr SM leaves for work.

Mrs SM revels in peace and quiet and having giant bed to self for about ten minutes.

Tiny footsteps are heard creeping down corridor. Door creaks open, and #3 climbs into bed, snuggling up, all warm and cosy and sleepy.

Medium sized footsteps are heard charging down corridor. Door flies open, and #2 dives into bed, curling up on the other side, all rumpled and bouncy and boysy.

Big footsteps are heard stomping down corridor. Door becomes prop in dramatic entree of nearly-a-teenager who pretends, just for a moment, that this mass snuggle fest is way beneath her, then shoves everyone over and climbs in too.

Small, but multiple, footsteps are heard careering down corridor, and an enthusiastic furball who can't believe his luck (pack hugs are his favourite thing. Alongside smelly socks and defenceless cats) dives into the mass of arms and legs, spreading love and dog breath liberally.

For about fifteen minutes (until we start getting hungry), the five of us just hang out, and I feel REALLY LUCKY that there are so many people who think the best place in the world to be in the morning is my bed.

Because it didn't use to be like that.

In the drinking days I would wake up after a fitful, sweaty, restless night feeling grumpy. If a small person came into my room I'd be likely to hide under a pillow, or yell, or both simultaneously.

If I'm ever tempted to crack open the vino I think about my wonderful sober mornings, and I'm just not willing to give them up.

Love to you all,


HUGE CONGRATS to mythreesons on making one year, twelve whole months, 365 one day at a times, sober! Awesome x


  1. Lovely post!

    Half term here too. Before I would use that as an excuse to start drinking at lunchtime, leaving the children to watch CBeebies. Now we are having adventures, going to the cinema, having cold picnics on the beach with hot chocolate.

    Utter bliss

  2. Hehe I'm sat here reading your post whilst eating my porridge (I feel like Goldilocks ;-) ). I agree. I was thinking the same recently. People are always asking me if being AF makes a difference and I guess we can become complacent. Not intentionally but when sober becomes the norm it's easy to forget the little things. I've found myself laughing with my children in a way I never have before. And that both thrills and terrifys me. Big hugs LNM x

    1. terrifies! Half term and my brain is having a break from school too lol x

  3. I love, love, love sober mornings! I sometimes wonder if my binges are a way to stop me becoming complacent (how warped is that?!) Sitting in the sunshine with a clear head and a bowl of porridge (another goldilocks only with grey roots!) :-D

  4. Hello! I found your blog whilst in the midst of dry January and having a good look at my drinking habits. Whilst I've not gone the whole hog ( I had a glass of fizz on Valentines) I am for the larger part now booze free and LOVING IT!!! I just wanted to say thank you for your fab writing, you are my daily read when I get into the office.

  5. Another fabbo post. Thank you SM. Day 20 and I am starting to get some more energy. I love the image your post invokes and are with you in that it is sooooo nice to wake up feeling well and happy to do things with the kids rather than under sufferance. Bliss xo

  6. Lovely post SM. Brings back happy memories of when I had little ones - was thankfully pretty straight when they were small so mornings then were fine. And mornings are lovely again sober!

  7. What a wonderful image you leave us with here. So lovely to read this! xo

  8. Hi SM - Beautiful post. I so enjoy the decent more quality time I am able to give my kids since being AF. Big night out for Mr SFM and me last night - everyone else was sooooo drunk (well Mr SFM wasn't too bad) but I drank my softies, had such a giggle at the slurring and outrageousness of some of our fellow revellers - and was able to drive us home - and enjoy a beautiful sunny morning - with no hangover. Bliss!! Onward through February! Love SFM x

  9. Oh thank you so much! Your 365 days is just around the corner.