Sunday, 18 October 2015

Don't Rub it in My Face!

Just a quick post this morning. I'm too pre-occupied with my meeting at the doc's tomorrow to talk about the lump (see I Need Help) to write too much.

So, last night we were having family supper. #1, #2 and #3 had gone to town laying the table. We had the best china and the silver cutlery out, plus a whole candelabra.

All was going swimmingly. I forgot about the lump. The children had momentarily suspended hostilities and were being nice to each other. #2 even ate some vegetables.

I was drinking the inevitable Becks Blue (I should buy shares). Mr SM was drinking red wine.

(I really don't mind him drinking. After all, unless you live somewhere like Saudi Arabia you have to accept that you're going to be surrounded by alcohol. What I do find deeply annoying, though, is the way he drinks just one glass. I mean what is all that about??? Tosser).

Then #2 leant across the table to grab something (probably some ketchup to hide the taste of the aforementioned vegetables) and he accidentally....

......knocked the glass of red wine right into my face.

There was a stunned silence. (I remember that, as silence is a most unusual event in the SM house).

I sat there with Mr SM's whole glass of fine Tuscan Barolo dripping off my nose and all over my hands. I fought the instinct to lick my fingers.

"Well, that's really not very fair, is it?" I said.

They all fell about laughing.

I mean, drink your glass of wine in front of me, why don't you, but please don't rub it in my face!

Happy sober Sunday to you all!

SM x

Positive thought for the day: If I have to have both boobs lopped off, then perhaps they can do a reconstruction and give me pert ones!


  1. Brilliant! Perfect response. As for pert boobs - yes please. After 2 breastfed babies I can relate hehehe. On a different note - Last night I dreamt I fell off the waggon big stylee and was sooo cross with myself. So happy that it wasn't true. Big hugs LNM x

  2. A Barolo facial. There must be a Spa somewhere in Tuscany charging a small fortune for that! xx

  3. So funny because last night my girlfriend knocked a glass of red wine all over my lap (no biggie because I was wearing burgundy colored pants) . I will be thinking & praying for you all day tomorrow .

  4. I'm not sure I can handle someone drinking red wine in front of me, let alone having it on my body...... OMG! I would have licked. Maybe. No. Maybe. No...
    That's tough.
    Hugs and thoughts are with you....tonight...tomorrow....and the next day..... Hang tight ...xo

  5. Ha ha, SM! (maybe you should explain "tosser" to our American friends..., I haven't heard that for a while!) I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.xx

  6. Sorry gorgeous lady just catching up on recent posts firstly so sorry to hear your dilema on the lump ( breathe deeply) focus on the positive and remember that over 90 per cent of lumps are cysts or boring time of the month changes x it's frightening ( even more frightening to face soberly) but that's what you are doing x remember as much as we don't want to face it we are menopausal or close to it and changes in bodies happen and also let's face it we've probably too pissed ( or hung over) to face our lumps bumps and bodies seriously for at least 20 years x so relax , hold your head high and think positive thoughts and good luck tomorrow at the gp we are all behind you

  7. Horrified for you!! Hope the lump appt goes well and gives you good news:)

  8. So sorry to hear you have found a lump. Try not to give it too much mind space until it has been checked.
    Love and prayers winging their way to you. Chin up, chuck xx

  9. hi SM, keep up the good spirits (hihi) and all the best for tomorrow/today. big hug.

  10. SM, I'm thinking of you this morning going to yiur doctor's appointment, and sending you lots of good wishes. Xxx

  11. that's hilarious!! the irony. anyway, was thinking about you last night, lots of thoughts and love winging over the irish sea as I type. xxxx

  12. Hugs. Why is it always red wine that spills?