Finding the Best Sober Blogs

If you're looking to follow new sober blogs, or you've started writing one of your own and would like people to find you, then follow this link here:



  1. Hi all, I've started blogging at
    Like many of you, I'm hoping to keep myself accountable and find some community.

  2. I hope that my blog is of use :-). I am a 38 year old Mummy, Wife and lover of tea who has been sober for approx 80 days. Best decision of my life and filled with an insane amount of positives I hope that everyone can get a taste of! Sans alcohol! X

  3. Your book inspired me to stop drinking and become a Mummy minus the wine. I am only on day 12 but know this time (have tried to cut down and quit so many times before) is different. I have started a blog in the hope it will help me to talk about my struggles and find others in similar situations.

    Here it is

  4. I have been drinking far too much for far too long (today is a good example, started at 10.15 am as its my day off. Your book is amazing and I know (abd hope) that this lifestyle is about to change for the better sooner rather than later. AC

  5. Don’t drink Mimi’s juice3 January 2020 at 12:37

    AF 13 months today! ��
    Just read the PAWS symptoms. Sounds pretty much like my summer-fall. Feeling a little better since the beginning of December. Ever hear of PAWS episode lasting longer than a few days?

  6. New blog alert - day 1, please follow