Thursday, 29 October 2015


I'm a huge believer in the power of visualisation, and it can be a fabulous tool to help you get sober.

If you're in the early days of quitting, you'll find that instead of the voice in your head (the one that keeps persuading you to drink, even when you really, really don't want to) getting quieter, it gets louder and louder.

I find it really helps to visualise the voice. It's important to remember that it's not part of you. It's a separate thing that can be beaten and banished, leaving you free.

I call the voice the Wine Witch.

Imagine that there is a witch curled around your back, her arms around your throat, her talons clutching your collar bone.

She's really heavy, dragging you down and making you exhausted. And she's constantly whispering in your ear, causing you to behave in ways you don't like, making you hate yourself.

(Heroin addicts know this feeling too - it's why they talk about 'the monkey on their back').

Now, here's the truth: the only thing keeping the witch alive is alcohol.

Every day you refuse to give her what she wants, she gets weaker.

BUT BEWARE! The weaker she gets, the more cunning she gets about trying to get her fix.

DO NOT GIVE IN! Feeding the witch will keep her happy for a short while - she'll shut up, seem lighter and less intrusive. But you'll make her stronger, and she'll only come back with a vengeance the minute you start depriving her again.

Slowly, slowly, without alcohol, the witch gets weaker, quieter and lighter. Then one day you turn around and realise that she's no longer there! You are free, light and unburdened. There's no-one dripping poison in your ear. It's just you, as you're meant to be, as you used to be.

Another way visualisation can help is when you need some extra strength. The clock strikes wine o'clock, and you're literally grinding your teeth and sitting on your hands.

I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan, so at this point I would imagine I was Kalheesi, and would unleash my dragons and army of the unsullied at the Wine Witch, which would usually do the trick (see I am Kalheesi).

The third way to use visualisation is to picture yourself where you want to be.

Many people (including the fabulous Wayne Dyer - see my post Change the Way You Look at Things) believe in the Power of Attraction: that if you can really see the result you want, you can make it happen. This is also the essence of the global bestseller The Secret.

So, picture yourself sober, happy, healthy, free. If you can see it, you can be it.

I'm using visualisation right now. I'm imaging that all the toxins and the bad stuff that I've done in my life has been concentrated in the little malignant lump in my left boob, which after my operation tomorrow will be all gone.

So it's like a brand new start, all clean and cancer free. A new chapter in the novel of my life.

And, just in case it gets a bit rocky for a while, I have some great guys on standby to help me through. I'm imagining them facing off any stray cancer cells, and I'm offering them to you, too, to help you whenever you need them.


Love to you all!

SM x

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  1. Amen. Perfectly said. This is exactly what I am trying to do - visualize myself sober, healthy, happy and skinny (shallow I know.)

  2. Thank you SM. Too true. I recently started a future self meditation (there is a 10 minute one on you tube) whenever things get a bit hectic or stressful I go to the house of my future self where we have a wee chat. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. xx

    1. Cool idea. I'm going to the house of my future self and I'm going to ask to see her boobs ;-)

  3. Thats such Perfect way of thinking about your op. I hope all goes well tomorrow, will be thinking about you x

  4. Brilliant. Love that! Have a big smile on my face. Think I might learn that and unleash it on husband and kids when they are annoying me and when wine witch niggling me. You are awesome. So brave! Hoping all goes great tomorrow xxx

  5. Good luck with everything tomorrow. Will be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. Xx

  6. Will be thinking of you tomorrow gorgeous lady I hope it all goes ok X

  7. Ditto Clare and Kags's comments. Big hugs x

  8. With you all the way. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

  9. By the way, you write so well. It's not just your courage, or the use of english - you've really got the hang of pacing, engagement, all those things which make us want to go on reading but also make us feel better people for reading what you've written. And get your point across in few words.

  10. Thanks MLC! And thanks to all of you for your best wishes for tomorrow. Am saying a fond farewell to the lefty, and feeling a little nervous. Looking forward to the morphine though ;-)

  11. My daughter loved the morphine when she had her ACL reconstruction..

  12. Sending big hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery for tomorrow xxx