Saturday, 23 May 2015

Husbands. Who needs 'em?

Day 84! Creeping towards three figures...

Yesterday I found The Husband laughing uproariously at something on the computer. He spotted me, stopped abruptly and looked up guiltily.

He was reading my blog.

Now I've suspected for a while that he sneaks a peak from time to time, but here was proof. And he didn't appear to be laughing with me. He was laughing at me.

"What's so funny?" I asked, cocking The Eyebrow of Fear. Whereupon he accused me of  misrepresentation. Or, at least, of viewing my life through rose coloured spectacles.

The Husband thinks that I should point out (with regards to yesterday's post: Gardening) that I have, in actual fact (and he checked said facts with #1) never baked a cake for a school bake sale. The closest I got was buying one from Waitrose and 'distressing' it.

Our 'lawn', apparently, would be better described as 'a patch of grass', which is now mowed rather than 'manicured.' My 'herb garden', I should point out, is a collection of herbs in pots clustered on an old bench rather than a large kitchen garden.

"Where is this nirvana?" he chortled. "Can I go and live there?"

Ha ha.

I would like to point out to The Husband, should he be reading this, that it is in his interests that I view things through (climbing-)rose coloured spectacles because, despite thirteen years of marriage and having removed the beer goggles, I still think he's the most gorgeous guy around.

Happy, hangover free Sunday morning!

Love SM x


  1. Ha ha, I have a feeling that this post was really intended for ONE PERSON xx

  2. My OH not quite there yet. Just thinks I'm being weird......

  3. That's so funny!! My mr is the same too Edinburgh house wife, I think he thinks I'm going through some sort of mid life crisis that'll be over soon x

  4. My husband's always thought I was weird! This is just another example as far as he's concerned!