Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Everyone Needs Cheerleaders

One of the biggest issues when it comes to quitting the booze is the lack of cheerleaders.

If you quit smoking everyone pats you on the back and tells you how strong and awesome you are. But give up drinking and they look at you askance and wonder if you have a problem (is she an *whisper it* alcoholic?) and if you're going to become a total party pooper.

It's no wonder that we generally hide behind smokescreens and excuses: "I'm driving/ on antibiotics/ detoxing/ still getting over last night ha ha ha."

But quitting is hard, especially at this time of year when the world and his wife are constantly out getting drunk.

We need cheerleaders. We need someone to say "YOU ROCK! YOU'RE AMAZING! SEE YOU ROAR!"

That is, I imagine, one of the wonderful things about AA. There's always someone to light candles on a cake for your soberversary and give you a big hug.

The internet can also make you feel surrounded by cheerleaders, and I hope that through this site, and those of my fabulous fellow sober bloggers, you can feel supported and understood.

But, just in case some days you need just a bit of an extra boost, I'm going to share my little secret with you....

(You may, at this stage, start thinking I'm a little mad. I suspect you're right).

....when I'm feeling a bit flat I imagine that I am being followed everywhere by my own personal rock band. Click here to see what I mean.

Let me know if it works for you too.

Love SM x

P.S. If you're new to my blog and would like to read from my Day One, then click here.


  1. That's fabulous! Reminds me of that Ally McBeal episode about her personal song (on the advice of her therapist who was played by Tracy Ullmann).

  2. Brilliant SM - thank you. I do struggle with the flatness. Euphoric at times but then crashingly down - am I a bi-polar tautologist?


  3. That video clip made me laugh. I will give it a try!

  4. Very cute video. And you're right about needing cheerleaders. I just left a bar/restaurant where everyone was drinking and happy and there were Christmas lights, and I had decaf coffee and cheesecake. Someone would should be cheering!

  5. Reminds me of this xo

  6. Yes we do. We are not pariahs, we are awesome people doing something positive for ourselves. Every time I order a sparkling water I give myself a wee congratulatory smile. Go us!

  7. Love it..,thanks so much,,,yes at nearly nine months AF a, a little tired of being felt sorry for,,,or surely now you have control, one won't hurt....🙄 oh well their just gets better being AF although still rough days,,,but that is life...keep going all...

  8. Yes a little encouragement goes a long way!! I'm on day 18 and my hubbie seems to have now realised that I'm serious and that I'm going to do it this time. We were sat watching tv last night and out of the blue he said "I think it's brilliant you've stopped drinking, I'm very proud of you!" And it made me feel So so good!! I am proud of myself, all of us should be proud!! I quickly told him how your husband had bought you a gift and card at 100 days too, I thought it was a good time to plant that seed in his head!!! Thanks SM for all your fab posts xx

    1. You're doing brilliantly Ang! Keep going! Huge hugs ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Yes! And I am my I my biggest fan :-) Whatever helps is worth hanging on to.

  10. I used the smoking analogy when talking about giving up booze the other day to my OH. It's so true, and it makes me mad! I have to say I'm finding the online support through blogging, and reading others blogs is crucial to me getting to 25 days. Red xx

  11. I know it's odd when someone goes on a diet or quits smoking and we all get behind them. But mention you are off the grog and all of a sudden no one is happy, not to mention the pregnancy questions. Thanks for this. Love how you sing your own support song!

  12. You are so right! If anyone gets diagnosed with a "disease", say cancer for instance, they seem to have a rally of support (much deserved) and family, friends, acquaintances....all bring encouragement, hope, resources, and love for those people....but us alcoholics, we get judgement, pity, and shame for begin the way we are. We DO need Cheerleaders every single day and that is what the internet is proving to provide. There are supporters out there, we just have to find them! I am Cheering you and so many others on in this journey and rely on others to do the same for me! I love your video!

  13. Hey there - your blog finally saved me from that rock bottom I was surely headed for. I will hit 12 mths on 3 jan and could not have done it without the lovely support found on the sober blogosphere. I could never have gone to AA and so without all you lovely peeps I fear for where my life would have been heading. I cannot express how much better my life is without alcohol - in every single way. So anyone near the beginning of this journey - please stick with it. So totally worth it. The beginning is so the hardest part - and then life just keeps getting better. Happy sober weekend folks. Love SFM