Monday, 5 December 2016

The BBC on Sober Christmas

Are you about to do your first Christmas sober (in the UK)?

If so, then a journalist called Erin at the BBC would love to talk to you for a piece on Up All Night on Radio 5 Live.

I know that this may sound like a scary prospect, particularly if you haven't even told your friends and family that you've quit the booze yet, but you can be completely anonymous and you would be a huge help for anyone out there struggling.

We know what it's like to feel completely alone, don't we? Well this is an opportunity to make a difference.

Erin's e-mail address is She'd love to hear from you.

Merry, sober Christmas to you all!

Love SM x


  1. I've taken a (brave) leap of faith and emailed Erin! Have butterflies just thinking about it!! Approaching 100 days sober and your blog has kept me on track more than you could ever realise. Since quitting alcohol I have found the courage to leave an abusive relationship and moved into a new home with my daughter. I am now working on an idea to offer nutritional advice (I'm a Freelance Dietitian) to women on the wagon. Thank you so much for inspiring me with every blog post you write xxx

    1. That's so awesome Sacred Space! Thank you! And huge congrats to you for turning your life around. And I love your business idea! Please let us know what happens next....

  2. Emailing her today. Perhaps this is the swift kick up the ass I need to see it through