Sunday, 10 January 2016

Reasons to Quit Drinking #5: Your Mojo

Have you lost your mojo?

I bet you think it's an inevitable function of getting older? That mojos are the preserve of the young?

Balderdash. It's still there. Somewhere. You've just drowned it in alcohol.

I misplaced my mojo for a decade.

I was fat and puffy. I had chins and jowls. I slept badly and had little energy. The last adjective in the world I would use to describe myself was 'sexy.'

I would avoid mirrors and photographs like the plague. Our family album for that decade gives the impression that Mr SM is nobly bringing up three children alone.

When you're a teenager, or in your early twenties, drinkers look like sexy, uninhibited hedonists (at least I thought so), but - I discovered after I quit - when you get to middle age, big drinkers look pretty terrible. You can spot them a mile off (see my post: Spot the Lush).

But, do not despair, because quite soon after you quit drinking you see little signs of your mojo reappearing, like daffodil shoots in Spring.

The first thing you'll notice is the puffiness receding. Cheek and jawbones! Who knew?

You'll also find your skin (now you're less dehydrated) starts to glow, and looks less red and patchy.

Even your hair gets thicker and glossier! (See my post: Sober Hair)

Because you'll be sleeping better (See my post: Sleep, Glorious Sleep), and you'll be healthier, you get your energy back. With no hangovers to deal with, you can bounce out of bed in the morning.

Then, after an initial period of adjustment and bingeing on sugar (usually about 100 days), you'll find the weight will start to shift (see Reason #1: Weight Loss)

Six months in, you'll be slimmer, look 5 years younger and be bombarded with compliments. You'll find your confidence returning and you'll be able to walk into a room with a swagger, rather than sidling in apologetically. (See my post: Invisibility)

So, if you you've just quit this New Year, and are on Day 10 - or thereabouts - KEEP GOING, and get ready to say:

"Hello, Mojo. Welcome back!"

Happy, sober Sunday to you all,

SM x


  1. Day 7 is dawning for me. I had a great Saturday with the kids, and I am waking up hangover free this Sunday morning. I wear a Fitbit, so I can track my sleep patterns. There is a noticeable decrease in restlessness in sober sleep versus the other. My past practice waking up on the weekends had become to mentally tally my consumption the night before so that I could brace myself for the oncoming nausea. It has been so nice to tally zero this weekend.

    1. One whole week! Way to go Monstartingover xxx

  2. Hey - like the lady above I also wear a fit bit, and have also noticed improvements in my sleep patterns, in particular I am sleeping for longer periods. Also not needing to drink loads of water in the night. I'm day 9 and not for first time :)

    1. Oops! Now I forgot I had this blog "No more hangovers 2014"! 2014!!! I've forgotten how to do it!
      You must be in USA? I am UK, time here is13.17. West coast? Hugs xx

    2. Early bird in central time, U.S. :) And yes, I used to keep a giant tumbler of water (next to an empty wine glass) on my night table. I still get the water out of habit, but I don't need to wake up for sips all night long.

    3. I also did water (and weeing) all night! I don't think I slept through the night for ten years. Now it's very rare that I wake up at all :-)

  3. Day 9 here too.. The first for a long long time! Whoop whoop! Have broken through the day 4 broken record I'd gotten myself into! :-)

  4. Ooooh yes! I've worked my ass off last year and lost a stone and a half. My clothes fit better and I look and feel better. Damn Christmas and the 5 lb weight gain that it brought. Still, it's 5lbs of food and not a drop of alcohol!

    1. Me too, 4lbs. Half turkey and gravy and half chocolate. I have to confess I enjoyed every ounce:)

  5. I have to agree with this completely, SM!! Last night, for the first time in years, I put on heels to go out in. OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, THAT IS.

  6. Day 10! I've not gone this long without drinking in over 4 years or more. I can't wait to read your post each day. It's helping me to stay strong. And all those who share here, thank you too!