Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What Have I Done?

For the last six months I've been quietly, anonymously, blogging about what it feels like to quit drinking after decades of laughing in the face of government guidelines.

I've shared the highs and the lows, the laughter and the tears. I've picked up some fabulous friends along the way and received heart breaking e-mails from women like me all over the world.

My life has totally transformed. And it wouldn't have happened without this blog, and my readers who joined me on the sobercoaster and kept me on the straight and narrow.

So why rock the boat?

Well, I've always been a bit of a boat rocker.

So when I heard that a journalist at the Times2 was writing an article about recent research showing that Mums are cracking open the vino earlier and earlier in the day, often straight after the school run, I thought I should help. I e-mailed her the link to this blog.

She mailed me straight back and asked if she could interview me. I agreed (why? WHY?).

Nothing may come of it. I may end up on the cutting room floor. But I might also have blown my cover and opened myself up to trolls. My cosy little corner of the sober blogosphere may not be so cosy for a while.

Who knows?

But if, as a result of my interview, just a handful of women who've been struggling with the wine witch and feeling totally alone find their way here, then it'll be worth it.

If that's you, then start by reading my posts from back in early March and you'll realise that you're not the only one sitting at the bottom of a huge hole you seem to have dug for yourself. And there is a way out. Just start by putting down the shovel and looking up.....

SM x


  1. Nice one. you will be an inspiration to many. On a completely opposite spin on things there was an article on the mindbobygreen website re women and alcohol that is truly baffling, you might be interested in reading it


  2. SM, you are an inspiration to many, myself included. I am sure they will protect your identity. The anonymity afforded to you and everyone who comments here is crucial to nurture honest and heartfelt admissions and discussions. x

  3. You are the perfect poster girl for this with your good education, carreer, marriage, kids and obvious intelligence. Any woman would want to identify rather than distance herself from you.

  4. Go and fly the sober flag for us all SM

  5. That's awesome SM x. Good for you! xx

  6. And "cosy" can be overrated, btw!

  7. This is amazing. Put it out there - I am convinced you will help hundreds of people. I reckon the sobersphere is actually smaller than we think, and there must be many people who never find it. Annie x

  8. I agree with the others. Your blog and the sobersphere have had a huge impact on my life and I just came across it by chance. There was another daily mail article yesterday about drinking mums. It's a huge issue right now and think of how many others you can help. Well done you xxx

  9. Agree completely with all above. Well done! x

  10. Trolls will be trolls and haters will be haters. If picked up you will likely be exposed to a bit of that I'm afraid. That's the downside. The upside is that you'll be shining a light for many more people about this topic and helping many more people by your example. I believe that you know that you're up for it. You've got this. Well done and good luck.

  11. You did the right thing. Put your doubts aside. Be proud of what you've done. You have a great story to tell and the world shoud hear it.