Saturday, 1 August 2015

Blue Without Becks Blue

We've arrived in Cornwall!

I've discovered that there's one window in our cottage from which I can access a wifi hotspot. So here I am, snuggled on the windowsill in my pyjamas, looking out at the stunning, wild, wet and windy landscape.

Yesterday was hard. I was up at the crack of dawn, packing for several hours, trying to cram everything into our (not large) car and still leave enough room for 3 children.

This was tricky as I'd bought enough Becks Blue (alcohol free beer) to sink a battleship. I didn't know if Becks Blue has yet penetrated this remote corner of the world and wanted to Be Prepared. Luckily I squished it all in and didn't have to choose between leaving behind the beer or a child.

I did the drive down in horrible traffic on my own (Mr SM following on by train after a day at work). Then I had another hour of unpacking while simultaneously dealing with 3 overexcited children.

Arriving at a holiday destination pulls every trigger there is: stress (tick), exhaustion (tick), celebration (tick), reward (tick), anxiety (tick). BUT I had planned ahead! I am an expert at this game! I had a chilled Becks Blue waiting for exactly this moment.

What I hadn't counted on was there being NO SODDING BOTTLE OPENER!

I turned the cottage upside down. The children were hollering to go to the beach. I was a woman possessed. I looked like.....AN ADDICT! (Who'd have thought it?)

I've obviously lived a sheltered existence as I had no idea how to get the lid off without an opener. I tried everything, and only succeeded in hurting my hands.

In the end, I went into the garden and smashed the top off on a stone. Needless to say, it went everywhere, leaving me with two gulps, lots of foam and broken glass.

The kids and I walked down to the beach as the sun was setting, and ate Cornish ice cream, sitting on the rocks watching the waves.


I'm not going to quit the Becks Blue while I'm here - after all I have 2 crates to get through - but I am going to try.....MODERATION!!!

Although, moderating the time I spend blogging doesn't seem to be working. I'm still at it every day...

Still, as Mr SM keeps reminding me, there are worse addictions to have.

Don't we know it!?!

Love SM x


  1. LOL!!! Laughing out loud very loudly xxx

  2. Mr SM is Scottish right? Doesn't he have a ceremonial sword to slice off the top of the bottle?
    Mr WB does this trick with a spoon that I have never been able to figure out!!

    LOL here too xx

    1. Is that a euphemism WB? ;-) Btw, I do love your blog! Hope the friend's visit is getting easier.... SM x

    2. He he......Thank you, I love yours too. I look forward to reading it in the morning with my coffee. My husband has even started asking after you. (He's also promised to teach me his spoon trick). BF#2 is doing ok - lots of work on the boat (hopefully it will be out of my driveway and in the ocean soon), and I'm going to bed early with my book, so avoiding any excessive drunkenness. Have a wonderful time in Cornwall. I stayed at the Watergate Bay hotel last time I was there, for my parents golden wedding anniversary.

    3. I should clarify - the excessive drunkenness I am avoiding is not mine. BF#2 hasn't even noticed that I'm not drinking.

  3. I would have been losing my mind!!

  4. There must be a video on YouTube that shows you what to do. That's where I learn everything.

  5. Hahhahaha! I applaud your ingenuity. I buy my O'Douls in the 12-pack cans, so I'm ready any time anywhere. Also they clink less in the recycle bins. Can you please video the next smashing? :)