Friday, 5 February 2016


I went to collect #2 and #3 from school this afternoon.

I took an overnight bag with me for #2, as he's been invited to spend the night with his bestie.

His teacher pulled me aside and said "The boys told me that they're having a hangover tonight! It's a cross between 'hanging out' and a 'sleepover', apparently. I asked them if they knew what a hangover was. They said no, so I told them that Mummy and Daddy would probably know."

(Ain't that the truth!)

"The boys both blushed, and said 'Is it what Mummy and Daddy did to make us?' It was a rather awkward classroom moment!"

How hysterical is that?

My son has no idea what a hangover is. And you know what? I can't remember feeling so proud!

(He obviously needs to work on his Biology, however).

Happy Friday, everyone.

SM x


  1. That's something to be very proud of!

  2. Ha ha ha ha! Oh bless them. What a proud mother you kust have been. X

  3. Wonderful! All the posts have been so good this week. I could wax lyrical about anxiety and alcohol... I have never felt so relaxed and comfortable in my own skin since being 40+ sober.. All this time I thought that wine was the only day to deal.. Anyway. Mine was the post you deleted off your iPhone earlier this happy that everything turned out well in the clinic. Have a terrific weekend.

    1. Ah! Mystery solved! So sorry for deleting you, Clare! I was trying to zap a spam spell caster and you were caught in the cross fire! Have a great weekend x

    2. Damn you! I was about to get the spell caster's email address so he could cast some on my husband and you deleted it before I could write it down! 😝

  4. a hangover, huh? Is that when one person lets their head dangle off the bed and then the other person......never mind.

  5. That's incredible - well done you