Saturday, 13 April 2019

Check Out My New Blog!

Guess what? I've launched a new blog!

I've been writing Mummy was a Secret Drinker for over four years, and blogging here saved my life and introduced me to a whole load of wonderful virtual friends. *waves*.

I will keep posting here from time to time, and the four hundred posts I've written, on booze and life without it, are still here for you to reference whenever you like.

You can also read the book of my first year sober, The Sober Diaries, described as Bridget Jones Dries Out. It will tell you what to expect, give you loads of help and information and, hopefully, make you laugh. You can find it here (UK) and here (USA), and can read the first few chapters for free using the 'Look Inside' feature.

I'll carry on posting regular information and inspiration on the SoberMummy Facebook page, which you can find here. 'Like' the page if you want to stay updated.

You can find my new blog at

It's all about navigating the inhospitable landscape of life as a woman 45+, and will cover anything from hormonal hair to hot flushes, and everything in between.

This week's post is called I WANT TO BE HELEN MIRREN. Find out why...

Coming up next week: PELVIC FLOORED!

I really hope you'll enjoy my next new adventure.

This is not goodbye, it's see you here (just not as often) and, hopefully, see you over there. Having said that, I'm still feeling a bit tearful.

Love to you all,

SM x



  1. New beginnings! You are what I aspire to be, someone who has conquered her drinking problem, went on to to wonderful, marvelous things with your life. You go girl, or should I say, You go "Hot Thing!!"

    And I agree, it's a bit sad, you moving on, but in a great way. I look forward to reading your new blog. I know it will be relatable and funny as hell for sure!! xoxo, ll

  2. Hey, I've found you at last! I 'liked' your Life in the Hot Lane page on fb and followed it too thinking I would be kept up to date but I haven't seen a single post for some reason, will have to ensure I read this blog now instead. Lovely post as ever, sending lots of love and hugs, Meggie xxx

  3. Clare, I just finished Sober Diaries yesterday. I got so much from it. I loved how you started an anonymous blog with no real plans for it, but it became a pillar of your own recovery. You thought that no one would ever find your blog, and yet here you are! So I thought, why not me, too? I started my own (very anonymous) blog last night. And I woke up to a "like" this morning. What? How? I'm not even a writer! I'm sure that's exactly how you felt. I will check out Hot Lane, because girl, I'm there, too!

    -Yoganonymous ��

  4. Hi Clare I'm only 5 days in and this weekend I have my first fight with the Wine Witch and I'm determined to win. It'll not be easy what with being at a ladies hot tub party tonight, a gig tomorrow and a street BBQ on Saturday but I'm armed with alcohol free cider and some disgusting alcohol free chardonnay and (currently) massive amounts of will power. It's a long story that led me here which is where I suspected I would end up about 5 years ago. But hey ho I'm giving it another shot. I'm not saying I'm giving up alcohol forever but I've eventually confessed to myself and the hubby that my relationship with alcohol is not a healthy one. I've considered cancelling one if not all of the events I have planned for this weekend but then I wouldn't be being me. Anyone reading this - wish me luck and if you're facing the Wine Witch too at the moment give her a kick from me! :)

    1. I'm 4 days in after reading the sober Diaries.....which were amazing. I am due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks. I am so cross that I just keep thinking how am I going to enjoy myself without drinking wine! How sad does that make me.

  5. How did it go wine witch slayer?? I hope you smashed it!! xx

  6. Dear clare , ik ben nederlandstalig en kan niet zo goed overweg met de computer maar eindelijk heb ik je toch gevonden ,ik heb je boek chardonnee maanden geleden gelezen en sindsdien ben ik nu 4 maand alcoholvrij ,ik ben ook naar de AA gestapt en voelde me goed in de groep . Tot ze vernamen dat ik nu alcoholvrije aperitief en wijn drink .....Ze zijn daar volledig tegen maar mij helpt het al 4 maanden en ik heb in je boek gelezen dat hetjou ook hielp ...ik voel me een beetje down na deze opmerkingen van AA en voel me niet meer gesteund door de groep zodat ik weer meer de neiging heb om terug te beginnen drinken ..WIL JIJ ME AUB UW MENING DAAR EENS OVER GEVEN ALVAST BIJ VOORBAAT BEDANKT ...vanwege treurwilgje xx